Welcome to ROLAND-Museum`s English pages.

The Roland-Museum was a private initiative documenting the huge spectrum of different devices from the innovative Japanese company. As well as striving to catalogue every single device the Roland-Museum has been also an actual physical collection.

The Roland-Museum`s collection was specially concentrated on synthesizers, samplers, rhythm devices, effects and guitar & bass products. Sorry to say that the documentation ends at the moment with the end of year 2012 and the hardware collection had to be sold. But you are still welcome to a virtual tour through the history of Roland.

Some pointers:
• The alphabetical or chronological main listings may require a short moment to load fully.
• Passing the mouse over an underlined device name will open a preview window on the left. Fully underlined device names have a detail page (currently only available in German).
• Samplers and sequencers requiring a boot disc have a download page where you can download the boot system and prepare a system disc with a windows pc (also currently only available in German).
• The listings of series, all "other" devices and accessories are also currently only available in German. They will be available soon in English too.

The Roland-Museum unfortunately cannot offer technical support, service manuals, spare parts or repairs. You are however welcome to contact your official Roland service center, www.roland.com

... and now enjoy browsing the Roland-Museum.


Willkommen im Roland-Museum

Das Roland-Museum ist eine Privat-Initiative, um den Erfindungsreichtum des innovativen japanischen Herstellers zu dokumentieren. Die Dokmentation .... mehr


Bienvenido al Roland-Museo.

Este museo es una iniciativa privada la que documenta la multitud de los instrumentos de la compańía innovadora japonesa. Además de tratar de catalogar .... más

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