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Rhythm machines have been the first products offered by Roland and mostly drum machines are the ones associated if you think of Roland products. Among others it is the first programmable Rhythm box ever (CR-78) or the analog legends TR-808 and TR-909 with their genious programming style who made Roland famous.

Beside those rhythm machines Roland started early to look for the demands of real drummers and beginning with little sounding Pads (i.e. Boss HC-2 featuring the 80s popular clap sound). The compact multi pads of the OCTAPAD series (started with PAD-8 in 1985) is still popular. Even for percussionists prefering to play with their hands Roland presented the sounding HandSonic multi pads (HPD-15).

The first elektronic drum set (PD-10 and PD-20 Pads with module DDR-30) had to be completed with real cymbals. Todays V-Drums sets consists of mesh head pads, virtual HiHats and cymbal pads making Roland worlds leader in percussion instruments.

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